Track Your Track
Chrome Extension, Ongoing

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T.T Trace Your Track is a chrome extension showing why different advestisement are shown according to individuals' data.

When you search online, your search history or cookies will be collected and tracked. These data may then generate the online advertisement that suit your interest.

Our extension will cover the original ads and replace with the keywords of your data that they used to generate those ads. We hope to help users understand more about the strategy and tracking system between online advertisement.

Koraoke x Tuner
collabrated with Bobo Ngai and Dan Chan

Arduino Experiment, 2015 MAR

Having an idea to combine karaoke with the tuner, we started to Learn from a tutorial and example on Instructable.com about how to make a tuner with Arduino UNO.

Leaves #1-5
MaxMsp Patch, 2014

Using the RGB data of falling leaves, a generative art explores the extension of life.

Memory Glitch
Video, 2015

Memory Glitch is inspired and created by a damaged AV cable which connects the DV camera to television.

The glitch may imply to the data loss, not only in my memory, but also in the video. While people take it for granted that technology ensures the memory to be saved without data loss, it still cannot replace the experience.

VJ 01
MaxMsp Patch, 2015

With the use of different video footages, I made a patch in Max6 to create a vj.

BioArt, 2014


The work is a video showing the unpredictable reaction of the bacteria to the anti-bacterial soap. Inspired by the film Metropolis, the work is developed with the concept of dystopia and the city structure. People always aim to make everything under control, but the curiosity of what would happen when people only aims to strive for a utopia, a perfect city, is raised. Would the bacteria just grow within the area without anti-bacterial soap?

In the real world, the structure of the city controls the path of the people, but sometimes, they try to fight against the control. Inside a petri dish, which is a comparative virtual world, the bacteria have to “decide” whether they grow within the designated area, or they may even take over the control of the area for their massive growth. While the bacteria represent people in a city, the area cover with anti-bacterial soap refers to area without the structure or buildings in a city. At the beginning, the bacteria will grow inside the area of building or structure, which does not cover with anti-bacterial soap.

Bowl of Sakura
Arduino Experiment, 2014

This is an idea to make an card holder for restaurants (i.e. Japanese restaurants). When customers open the card holder,the song "Sakura" will be played.