Hong Kong Sustainable Blueprint
collabrated with PlanAge Team
Motion Graphic Video & Interview, 2017

Motion Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor
Finalist, Hong Kong Sustainable Blueprint Competition, SDRI & AXA
Hong Kong Sustainable Blueprint Video Capture by Plan Age Team

Interviewees of different age groups expressed their worries on healthcare arrangement, social life and nancial sustainability upon retirement. We believed that every senior citizen, regardless of their physical and nancial conditions, should be empowered to pursue their ideal retirement lifestyle in an equal manner. The video gives a brief explanation on how the three elements - “empowerment”, “active aging” and “sustainability” - could be incorporated to a proposed blueprint.

Living Water
Installation, 2016

SCM Annual 2016

Water is an everyday object; the aesthetics of water should be manifested. Inspired by a science phenomenon, I would like to create a setting for audience to find out the aesthetics of water movement. Creating a calm environment, this work leads the audience to listen to the flowing water, a sound that can tranquilize the mind. It is not only a visual but also a sound experience.

Integrated Branching City 《融和、衍生與城市》
collabrated with Bobo Ngai, Cat Fung, Ting Kwok
Interactive Installation, 2015

Programmer, Graphic Designer
Silver Award, The 19th ifva Awards - Interactive Media Category
Semi-finalist, Adobe Design Acheivement Awards
InnoCarnival 2014, Hong Kong Science Park
Chai Wan Mei | Art & Design Festival, Pure Art Foundation
The 19th ifva Awards Interactive Media Category Finalist Exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Centre

This work aims to raise the awareness on the instability in Hong Kong through collecting the participants’ data of attention in electroencephalography (EEG) and forming a new city silhouette and city symphony.

Precious Light
Interactive Installation, 2016

Runner-up, The GIFs Challenge 2017, Instructables, Autodesk
ISEA2016 HK - Skunkworks Session
Online Tutorial

In Hong Kong, the preciousness of electricity may not be obvious. However, around 1.1 billion people still do not have access to electricity. While free energy seems to be impossible, piezo discs can generate electricity by mechanical force - hit. The voltage is not strong, yet it is still able to light up a LED, which produces a temporary brightness. When the power is generated simultaneously, the pendulum assembles the spots of dim light to be a more signi cant source of light.

Drips of Years
Scuplture and Installation, 2015

Fade to Black《漸墨洞天》, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Stalagmites and stalactites are rock formations formed by drippings from cave ceilings. The heights of these formations were measured and, knowing the pace of development, the ages were calculated. Using digital printing, video and glass, a modified hourglass presents a sculptural contrast between natural and constructed forms.

The constant dripping all around us in the caves reminded me that the stalagmite formation is a slow, continuous process that becomes a type of stone hourglass. The formation of the shapes in the caves is slow but strong and unique; the formation of our city skyline is temporary, shifting and identical. The artwork presents the time needed for each type of development - both natural and manmade - and creates a contrast between the skills and craftsmanship of nature as an artisan vs. man-made bulk development. The caves represent an absence of politics, economics and human resources that allow for growth to occur at a natural pace and with individual beauty.

Music Video Series
Video Editing, 2011-2017

YouTube Channel

As one of my hobbies, I have been editing over 30 music videos inspired by TVB drama and attracted over 3000 subsribers on YouTube. The most popular MV achieved over 1 million views.